Asian Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Weddings are some of the most elegant parties that you will ever go to. Each one is set up differently. The bride will wear a different type of dress, the colors will be more varied, and the theme will be unique to the couple. One theme that is unique and also rare to use is Asian.

When you are creating Asian wedding centerpieces you will be creating something that is beautiful but simple. You want to design them with graceful lines and simple colors. Though it might seem plain at first when everything comes together it will look amazing!

Have a white background with only one or two colors hues from the same spectrum. You don’t want to be too varied or it will throw the whole theme off. Having flowers in the center is always a great choice – but try to choose something simple. Place a cherry blossom where only the branches and flowers can be seen. In the bottom of the crystal vase should be colored marbles and a small amount of water to keep the blossom secured.

If you are not into flowers than instead place one Asian candle standing for happiness on each table. Have the guests light these during the reception as a way of congratulating the couple and wishing them luck. For favors you can use coasters that have the word ‘love’ printed on it but in Asian letters.

Around the base of the candle or vase of the blossom arrange open and closed Asian fans. These can also double as favors that the guests can take home when they leave. Make sure that the fans match the colors of the wedding party and that they are simple and elegant. You don’t want anything too flashy!