Creating Centerpieces On A Budget

Weddings are some of the most expensive events that you will ever hold in your life. Some people want their dream wedding so badly that they are willing to spend $10,000 or more for it. Couple don’t want to start their new lives in debt – but they don’t want to sacrifice things for their wedding either. One way you can save money is by making your own wedding centerpieces.

Shop Thrifty

The amount of money that you spend and the brand that you purchase is not something you should be focusing on. The best way to save money is to stop by your local thrift stores and find something great to use there. No one is going to ask you how much you spent. With the right amount of creativity they will not care. You will find that using a few simply display stem glasses and single roses is sometimes enough.


Use your centerpiece as a way to set off the look for the reception and to add something important to it. If it is a night one of the best things to use are candles – which will create light and a romantic setting. These are easy to set up and can be inexpensive when purchased at the right place. You can compliment them with flowers, fruit, and other unique items.

Spray Paint

Sometimes all you need is a good backyard and plenty of trees and pine cones. Gather these and branches and spray them down with spray paint of a color you like. This can be silver, red, green, or anything else that will go well with the reception. Place these next to twinkling lights and you will have a dramatic but affordable centerpiece.

Simple Is Better

Sometimes the best centerpieces are the simplest kinds. Using small candles, feathers, seashells, or even small jars and wrapping them with colored paper is enough to create a beautiful look.