Fall And Winter Centerpiece Ideas

There are many ways in which you are able to design the perfect wedding centerpieces. One of the most popular is to decorate it according to the season. The two most common seasons that people will get married during is fall and winter. It is during the holidays that people are feeling open and truly happy and ready to celebrate.

Fall Wedding Centerpiece

Fall is probably the best season to get married in. This is the time of year when it is not too hot – but also not too cold. The trees are changing colors and the scene helps to compliment your wedding day with its beauty. This is where your focus should be! Place an assortment of colorful leaves (fake) around the center of the table. In the middle should be a large red, orange, or yellow plate and on it a large candle or a set of three candles in descending order.

The candles should also be red, orange, or yellow to match the color of the changing leaves. Try to find branches with colorful leaves and flowers on it and place it around the candles and on the plate. The mixture of colors with the candlelight creates a romantic atmosphere.

Winter Wedding Centerpieces

Winter is by far one of the easiest and the best times to get married and the decorating is very easy. This is the time when people are in the mood to celebrate Christmas and are more than happy to go to a wedding. Spread the good cheer with mistletoe, garland, and my favorite – twinkle lights.

In the center of the table lay down garland or a small wreath. In the center of it place a candle (fake or real) and twisted around the garland or wreath should be twinkle lights. To finish off the look spray on a light layer of fake snow over the whole centerpiece. The finished look is amazing.