How To Choose The Ideal Centerpiece

Many of us have been planning our wedding day since we were ten years old. We picked out the dress we would be wearing, what the bridesmaids would look like, and loved to imagine how elegant it would be. However, we often forget some of the smaller details involved like exactly what type of wedding centerpieces we should use.

There are many things that we have to consider when choosing what to use. Before we can even start to think about what we want we first have to decide how large or small it should be. If you are going to use them on large tables then you will need them to be large as well and vice versa.

You want to make everything on the table proportionate. You will also need to determine exactly how tall you wish it to be. Most people will keep it low on the table. This allows everyone at the table to see and talk to each other. The only time in which the height will not matter is when you are using a thin candle.

The theme of the wedding is what you will base the decorations off of. If you have not decided this then you won’t make it far with the centerpieces. Make sure that all of the colors match up with the wedding and theme. After this has been decided you can move on to how much money you are willing to spend on each centerpiece and then times it by the number of tables.

One of the best types of wedding centerpieces to use that will look great and save you money are the ones that act as a centerpiece and a wedding favor. You cannot allow your guests to leave empty handed. Try to incorporate small candles or candy that they can take home with them. Some people will leave behind seeds that they can plant.

If you want to stick with something simple then candles and flowers are your best bet. These will always look great and are not that expensive to use. You can even fill up a glass bowl with water and have petals floating inside of it. This creates a dramatic look without spending a fortune.