Themed Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

The type of centerpieces that you use is very important because it will determine what colors will be used on the table, how large the tablecloth should be, and how large the table must be. It is a way to tie the whole thing together and must therefore be done very carefully.

You need to find something that will give you inspiration and will help you to decide what type of items you should use. One of the best things to do is to focus the entire look of it around the theme that you have already chosen for your wedding. When you have chosen the theme creating the centerpiece should be a piece of cake.

Beach Theme

This is the best theme to decorate around because you can truly have some fun with it. In the center you can create a small beach that has sand, exotic seashells, and maybe even a few umbrellas. It all depends on what style you have and how fancy or casual you want it to be.

If this is too small of a centerpiece then try to place a small bowl of water in the center with floating candles that are lit inside of it. On the bottom of the bowl you can have pebbles and seashells. Around the bowl you will place a ring of sand and more seashells.

Halloween Theme

The Halloween theme might be rare – but it is not dead. This is also a lot of fun to do and gives you the chance to be truly creative. In the center why not put up some random objects like a witches hat or a small broomstick. Make sure they are small because you don’t want them taking up the whole table. Around the hat you can put down Halloween candy corns or some truly scary items for the guests to have fun with.

Las Vegas Theme

Las Vegas is the city everyone wants to go to – but don’t always have the chance. So why not bring it to your friends and family? Purchase over sized poker chip candle holders and place a large white or red candle in the center of it. Sticking out from underneath this you should fan out the over sized poker cards.